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ROBOPAL 500 - Single column robot palletizer

ROBOPAL 500 is a robot palletizer simple and compact for providing neatly, in a stable and compact mode, a layer above the other of filled bags, boxes or bundles, so as to obtain a single package easily liftable and transportable
It is ideal for medium production.
It is distinguished from other palletizers, because it can be implemented at any time with additional applications based on changes in production requirements


Key Features
> Palletizing of 
of filled bags, boxes or bundles
> Palletizing pallet placed directly on the ground.
> Palletizing pallet directly above the rotary table winder
> Palletizing of bags from different bagging lines, in one or more points of   

> Extremely reduced dimensions allow the installation in any place of work in confined spaces
> Automatic size change and program change very quickly
> Safety devices according to the current EC
> Management system controlled by PLC for any palletizing pattern

Touch screen operating panel to create and modify palletizing patterns with extreme ease and select the work program


The single column robot palletizer consists of a solid rotating column to which a horizontal arm is attached which supports the bas pincer.

The pincer takes the bag from the roller conveyor, rotates on its own axis and slides along the horizontal arm.

This in turn slides vertically on the rotating column so as to bring tlhe pincer to the layer being formed and leave the bag arranges according to the pattern preset by the user. The pincer then returns to the ready position for the next bag

The structure of the palletizer is not bulky and therefore perfectly adaptable in all spaces

> Production: up to 500 bags / hour
> Maximum Size box: 950x600 mm
> Pallet size: 800x1200 mm - mm 1000x1200 - 1100x1300 mm

> Maximun pallet height full: 1950 mm including pallet

> Maximun pallet weight full: 2000 Kg

• Bag press device
• Empty pallet feeder device
• Automatic gripping system empty pallet

• Inter sheet feeder device on empty pallet
• Inter sheet feeder device interlayer

• Roller conveyor full pallet warehouse
• Parts in contact with the stainless steel bag




3 bags/layer

4 bags/layer

4 bags/layer

5 bags/layer

6 bags/layer

7 bags/layer

8 bags/layer

10 bags/layer

12 bags/layer


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